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Peachy Cleen is an all service cleaning company that does both residential cleaning and light commercial cleaning. We provide customized home cleaning on a long term basis, as well as one time cleaning. On the long term basis we offer a rotating "detail clean". Instead of cleaning a clients house from top to bottom the first time we clean, we start in one area of the house and every time thereafter chose a different part of the house to clean from light fixtures to the floor. This allows the entire house to be detail cleaned and avoid "sticker shock".

In short we believe in going above and beyond cleaning and maintaining a close working relationship with clients. We serve the Northern Colorado area, including but not limited to: Fort Collins, Windsor, Wellington, Loveland, and Berthoud.

Need Extra Household Help?

We will help you do just about anything from helping you set up and put away Christmas decorations to cleaning out the cat box and changing the linens. This is all for a competitive hourly fee. Peachy Cleen offers environmentally friendly cleaning as well. Peachy Cleen also offers an organizational service to help clients "clean up their clutter" and keep it that way, by offering inexpensive solutions to the clutter problem.

Have a Dirty Office or Rental?

Our commercial cleaning ranges from simple office cleaning, (light dusting, vacuuming and generally bathrooms as well) to move-out cleaning.

On a Budget?

At Peachy Cleen our clientele have the option to make adjustments to their service to meet their cleaning and financial needs. We do not have contractual agreements, so you may start, stop, or change your service as needed.

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